Technical Background

BeCellBar possesses wide variety of tight junction (TJ) modulators including TJ Mitigators (TJM) (Japanese Patent Application No. 2015-106881) and, TJ Closers (TJC) (Japanese Patent Application No. 2014-149613).
These molecules are discovered during the biomedical analysis on TJ in cell-cell contact in conjunction with in silico drug screening and structural biology techniques at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya University. We have recently applied these techniques to discover similar types of molecules from herbal ingredients or FDA-approved drug library (in preparation for patent application).

While the most chemicals from other competitor companies modulate fluidity of cell membrane to enhance the drug delivery efficiency, our chemicals target TJ proteins or cell-cell contacts without affecting cell membrane. As TJ is the universal barrier system for both skin and mucous cells, our TJ-modulators can be used for a spectrum of applications including oral, dermal and nasal administrations of mid-size or larger drugs.

All staffs in BeCellBar have many experiences and background knowledge in structure determination by nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray crystallography, and in the analysis on protein-drug interaction using various spectroscopic techniques at academic institute. We are proud to offer highly reliable, qualified research services.


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